wxOpenLibrary is an open source simplified library system. It intends to support the basic circulation and cataloging functions of a public/private library system. The server takes commands from the client and works directly with the back-end database and returning results to the client. The server does all the heave lifting by handling authorization and keeping the database consistant.

The system is divided into two parts: a server and client program. Both are written using the wxWidgets library for cross-compiling, GnuTSL library for secure communitcations and Lua embeddable scripting language for server scripting. The server uses PostgreSQL as the back-end database. The programs and their source are released under the MIT license.


Currently, wxOpenLibrary is still in the development stage. The basic workings of the client and server are set and the focus is now on adding the server functions and adding the function into the client. See the SourceForge page if you want to look at the code. I'm also working to get the client/servr communitcation documented with the idea that others could write their own client or easily edit the office client to thier liking.